Assessment Task 2
Task Description
You will be provided with a condition, disease or disorder. Using the disease or disorder you will need to develop an essay that highlights the impact the disease or disorder has on human body systems, including cells and body chemistry and microbiology. Use the topics covered in the lectures from weeks 5 – 12 to develop your essay.
Chemistry in the body – homeostasis and body planes; Cell Biology/cell membrane – diffusion, osmosis and intracellular organelles; Body systems – cardiovascular system, tissues and nervous, renal and integument system; Body systems – skeletal, digestive, lymphatic and reproductive, bone tissue and muscles; Microbiology and infection; Systems working together
Condition – Hypertension
A.B. is a 57-year-old man who visits his GP clinic to see the Nurse to get his flu vaccination. He complains of headaches and general tiredness. The Nurse takes some measurements and calculates that A.B. has a BMI of 32. On further discussion A.B. tells the Nurse he smokes 30 cigarettes a day. He does very little exercise and eats mostly takeaway food. His father died of a heart attack. The Nurse takes A.B’s blood pressure which is 150/110 mm Hg.
You will need to undertake research on the specific disease or disorder and consider
• Which body systems are impacted by the disease or disorder
• How the normal functioning of each body system is changed or disrupted by the disease or disorder (there will be more than one body system impacted by the disease or disorder provided)
• Demonstrate the relationship between the systems impacted.
• Explain the changes in terms of the underlying mechanisms, such as homeostasis, that have been disrupted.

Intended learning outcomes assessed in this assignment
1. Identify and explain introductory human anatomy and physiology
2. Identify and explain introductory biochemistry relevant to the health profession
3. Communicate using bioscience and health profession terminology and information

Target audience
Fellow students, tutors, potential patients.
Your essay should be 1600 words on your topic plus your reference list.
As a suggestion you should
• Introduce your disease or disorder
• Describes the impact of the disease or disorder on the normal function of each of the body systems that your research indicates what is impacted by the disease or disorder
• Highlight how homeostasis is disrupted and the impact of this on the body
• Identify the relationships between the systems that are disrupted

Make sure that you use terminology appropriate for your audience (see above) and that you understand all the concepts and terminology used. You may find that some of your sources use specific terminology outside the scope of this unit and you must ensure that you explain any unfamiliar terms for your audience.
Additionally, you will need to ensure that you provide your references.
• Please use Harvard referencing for this assignment.

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