Describe a Personal Health issue that matters to you and that you learned about in this course. Use articles or pieces of information you found in your organization review or your annotated bibliography to justify and reference your statements. Try to answer the following questions:

What did you find most problematic about the personal health issue you are interested in?
Is there a possible solution to the issue? What recommendations can help solve the issue?
Should more people care about the issue?
Overall how do you feel about what you have learned about the topic of Personal Health?

Use APA formatting, Times New Roman font size 12, double-spaced with a minimum of 8 pages and maximum of 10 (this page count excludes title and references pages).

It should contain a title, abstract, discussion/conclusion, and references. Review the attachment ” APA Titles” in this folder to help you understand what each section should contain.
Review the grading rubric for the reflection paper on the syllabus. Use no less than 10 appropriate references, remember to use in-text citations using APA formatting and have all sources cited in the references list.

In general, write 2-5 sentences summarizing the article/source and write 2-3 sentences on why this information is important and how you will potentially use it in your reflection paper.

You need to do this for every single of the 10-15 sources you will use.

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