Your Critical Reading Response needs to be as long as it takes to fully address a summary, critical analysis, and conclusion as detailed below.

  • If you cite other books, essays, articles, etc., include a reference or works cited section.


  • Summarize the reading by describing its overall arc as well as its most central details.


  • Identify the primary thesis, argument, issue, or research questions presented in the reading.
  • Identify and briefly summarize a primary theoretical orientation that the author/s use.
  • Explicate how the author/s apply theory to their topic to support their thesis and critical analysis.
  • Explicate at least two key examples (ethnographic, statistical, media, current event, etc.) that the author/s use to support their primary argument and critical analysis.
  • Explicate any counterarguments to the primary arguments that the author/s address (not all readings will do this).
  • Critically analyze how effective their work is – provide a few specific examples of its strong and weak points.


  • Describe and critically analyze an element of the reading that particularly impacted you.
  • Explain how the work in your chosen reading contributes to psychological anthropology.

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