Length: 4-5 pages typed (double spaced)


  1. Choose one of the following topics
  2. The objective is to synthesize the required readings and lectures. I want to hear your “voice” and critical analysis. Please do not use any additional sources. This is NOT a research paper.
  3. Refer to the attached assessment rubric as a guide.
  4. Choose a country (other than the United States) from the PRB data sheet and discuss its position in the health transition and how it compares with the United States.
  5. Design your ideal health care system that considers the diversity of gender, social class, race, ethnicity and the place of residence of the population. Make clear how this system would address issues of efficiency, effectiveness and equity.
  6. Describe how race and ethnicity affect an individual’s experience with cancer. Cite examples from at least two racial or ethnic groups.


Academic Integrity:  According to USD academic regulations, “The University of San Diego is an academic institution, an instrument of learning. As such, the university is predicated on the principles of scholastic honesty. It is an academic community all of whose members are expected to abide by ethical standards both in their conduct and in their exercise of responsibility toward other members of the community”. For more information, see the USD 2019-2020 Undergraduate Bulletin, “Academic Regulations.”

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