– Assignment 2: Alternative Evaluation Plan

This assignment will require students to critique and revise the evaluation research design they submitted in CJI 708. This paper must present an alternative evaluation design – one that differs from what was submitted in CJI 708.

Section 1 should indicate the title, location, mission, goals, and objectives of the program/ project, as well as a description of the program’s/project’s What is structure and context, and its stakeholders. (This information was provided in the paper submitted for CJI 0708.). Section 1 should be a minimum of 3 double spaced pages.

Section 2 should describe the alternative evaluation design and how the proposed design differs from what was submitted in CJI 708.

Section 2 should be a minimum of 6-7 double spaced pages and should address the following regarding the alternative evaluation design:

• What are the proposed evaluation questions? (Note: Every variable in evaluation questions must be operationalized.)

• Would proposed evaluation utilize a formative and/or summative approach?

• What evaluation model would be used?

• Would the student serve as an external or internal evaluator of the project/program?

• What methods would be used to answer each evaluation question?

• What measures would be used? What data would be collected? How would these data be collected? What resources would be needed? (i.e., budget, staff, timeline)

• What protocols for IRB/Human Subjects Review would need to be followed prior to implementing the proposed evaluation?

– Assignment 3: Dissemination Plan

Identify two journals that might be a venue for publication of the evaluation study being proposed in Assignment 2. Provide an annotated outline of the contents of the article that could be submitted for publication consideration in one of the journals.

The annotated outline should provide a specific outline for the proposed publication indicating the main subject headings commonly used in the articles published in the journal selected. Under each heading, please provide a brief paragraph or two about what might be discussed in that section. This paragraph should indicate the main points that might be made in this section.”

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