Complete Academic Poster by Sunday . This is an individual submission in which you will use your Country as the topic and develop your own Academic Poster for it to show what you have found about the Covid-19 and your country.  You may use the resources you all have gathered for your academic source, but do not copy any of the summaries or presentation details.  You are to research these sources yourself to form your OWN individual Academic poster. This is not a  “Team” effort or grade.  Read all details and due dates for Academic Poster (TODAY). Don’t wait.  The earlier you place your poster. See an example of a balanced poster (see other examples and templates on TAB 2 …start early.  Requirements  (900 minim word count in sentence form minimum and at least 4-5 graphics)  See other examples on the detail tab.

Required (read all) INSTRUCTIONS: This week you are going to make an Academic Poster using the TEMPLATE below (see link) to present your country 4 sections discussed below (they are the same as your presentations).  You have plenty of references from your team you can use.  You are to use the same sections, but you are to write your own details on each of the sources and not from the summaries.  Your poster will provide valuable information about the country and its reaction to the Covid-19.  INDIVIDUALLY created and submitted by each of you.

Specifications: (Minimum word count 900.  Use at least (8) academic references.  Place word count at the bottom corner of the poster references (small font: wc930).  4-5 graphics picture mix (note there is a write up on each graphic and picture) References in APA (no hanging indent on references required on poster {review reference page}) no quotes only paraphrasing, no plagiarism of presentations or any other written materials, reference with intext citations.  Multiple citations incorrectly placed will count off on your word count (read Good, Bad and Ugly in referencing in Reference Page).

Turnitin will be completed at submission (no recheck or resubmission for plagiarized sections) Only one submission allowed- It is your responsibility to submit the correct file.  If you plagiarize any part the assignment will be a zero. Be careful to paraphrase and not directly quote.

Include information on your academic poster and use subtitles to help (you can write your own to fit your country information) but touch on each of these areas:

      • Describe the country demographics, healthcare stats of the population, system of healthcare (government, nonprofit, mixed or private-run hospital, providers, and clinics) along with the level of medical logistics are in place to serve the country’s health.
      • Discuss the details of the coronavirus and impact on the country, economy, and population (tell the story of the people—personal cases (may involve some newspaper articles to reference).
      • Steps were taken by the government and PH thus far, and impact.
      • Lessons learned thus far? Too late, too early with decisions to shut down the country, stop movement between cities, etc What needs to happen in the future for this country to be ready for the next virus?  What is the government presently doing about the future?-

You can add to this list to completely fill this poster.

PPT Templates: Develop the poster using one of the templates offered.   The PowerPoint templates of threefold posters will be filled in and then be saved as a PDF and upload it to the assignment area.  A Turnitin will also be completed.  No direct quotes, only paraphrasing.  The sidebar areas are there to assist you in using the template.

Download this Powerpoint Template to use by Clicking Here 

Example of what it can look like filled out.  See the examples I have provided you on layout

Other Details: You will not be changing the size of the fonts on the poster as you need to provide enough information in each of the areas you wish to discuss.  Titles, of course, will be a little larger than the regular fonts. Make sure that each area you discuss is in detail and has resources properly provided in APA format.  Each area should have an academic source. Charts and pictures used should be discussed in the text of the information and described thoroughly.

Note the following inclusions required:

Tables and figures,

Explanation and information in the text

Fonts proper sized

Aesthetics with some pictures

Using the template provided

Don’t forget colors that work together not drastically contrasting.


Sources to be used: Please make sure each reference is in APA Format. The presentation is a 900 count word minimum

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