Reports For the online concert that you watch this semester, you will also write a concert report (minimum 500 words @ 75 points each concert report). These reports are opportunities for you to accurately apply your musical knowledge and to demonstrate your understanding of central course concepts and ideas. During the performance take careful notes on what you observe in order to help you compose each report essay. I would recommend listening all the way through one time and then going back to take notes and keeping in mind the report you will write. Here are some guiding questions for your concert notes: • What is the venue like?

• What is happening before the concert starts, as it unfolds, and as it concludes?

• Is there an audience present? Was it created to be presented online or does it seem to be uploaded as an afterthought? • How do the performers interact with the audience? Is the event formal or informal?

• If you watch the live streamed concert, do you find yourself reading the realtime comments? Does this alter your perception, and, if so, do they add or distract from the performance?

• How is the music presented? What instruments of voices are featured?

• What are the musical highlights? What genres and styles are presented?

• Describe the fundamental musical elements that characterize the pieces performed (melody, harmony, dynamics, texture, form, timbre). Once you’ve listened to the concert, you will use your performance notes to create an essay that contains the following elements:

1.) Background information (Minimum 150 words) – Event Information (venue description, performer/band/group name(s) – Overview of genre – Performer/Audience Description (who’s there, how many, demographics) – Performance Highlights (instruments, styles, genres, format, program)

2.) Comparative Analysis (Minimum 350 words) – Identify one piece from the concert (title, style)
– Identify one piece from the course content, reading or listening assignments (title, composer, genre) – Compare and contrast these two pieces based on a) elements of music (melody, harmony, rhythm, dynamics, texture, form, timbre)

b) performance context, techniques, and practices; style/ genre characteristics

c) social and cultural significance Each report must be at least 500 words total and must adhere to the format and content outlined above to be eligible for full credit for the assignment. You may exceed the minimum word total as much as necessary to describe and analyze the music selected for the assignment. You should use musical terminology and concepts accurately throughout your report(s) Format: Use complete sentences throughout the entire essay. Your descriptions and analyses must be in your own, originally- composed, words and you must proofread your report prior to submitting it to correct any grammatical, spelling, and formatting errors. The assignment must be typed and double-spaced with one (1) inch margins and and no extra spaces between paragraphs. Include your name and the course/section at the top left corner of the first page. Submit your completed assignment as a .doc file or pdf to the appropriate folder on our course site by 11:59pm on the posted due date(s) (see our course calendar/ site for details). No email submissions will be accepted. Late assignments: a) will be worth a maximum of half credit for the assignment and b) will not be accepted more than 48 hours past the posted deadline

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