Assignment Guidelines: Utilizing Dossey and Keegan (2016) chapter 29 & 30 (provided), all content learned in the course, and any additional supportive sources, the student will engage in self-assessment, personal reflection, and identification of integrative health self-care practices to demonstrate value of a certain modality to any aspect of self-care. A personal self-assessment must be included and one holistic/integrative modality must be highlighted.

  1. Read chapter 29 (provided in Module 5)
  2. Read chapter 30 and complete the Integrative Health and Wellness Assessment (5 pages). You are completing this for yourself. You are not turning this assessment in. Ch30 Dossey and Keegan.pdf
  3. Provide a summary and synthesis of your assessment to include but not limited to: How you felt doing the assessment, any significance in scores on areas to address. Did these scores/areas surprise you? When you self-reflect on these areas is there meaning in these scores? What are the 3 changes that you have identified for implementation over the 3 months?
  4. Pick one of the 3 changes that you have identified and determine an integrative health modality that would be of benefit to your health.
  5. Describe the integrative modality and provide evidence as to why you would pick this modality for this area of need. (This is where you would need references to support the modality that you have chosen). For instance, I might find a study done on nursing student stress that uses meditation, if meditation is what I have chosen etc.
  6. Conclude your paper by using self-reflection to reflect on this experience as a whole and on the modality that you chose and the impact that it may have on your life. (You may also want to begin implementing the strategy over the time that it takes you to write the paper so that you can incorporate that perspective in your conclusion).


Students, will submit a 2-3 page reflective paper double spaced with APA title page using the above assignment guidelines with APA format with references.


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