Background, Significance & Theoretical Background of the  Phenomenon
a. Use the feedback from the Review of Theoretical Perspectives paper
b. summarize the background, significance and theoretical background of the phenomenon including modifications, and add the following new content.
→ my proposition statement (about my phenomenon, population of interest, and outcome of interest) is → Cancer Patients and Post-Operative Venous Thromboembolism
Develop a theoretical or conceptual model that can be used to guide  practice on your topic.
a. From the major theoretical approaches that you described  in your initial paper, choose one theoretical orientation, or theory → The Theory of Unpleasant Symptoms in Practice (TOUS), that you would like to apply to your chosen phenomenon and assigned population and outcome of interest. You may use an existing middle-range theory, you may derive a theory from a grand theory, or you may synthesize one or more theories to create a new middle
-range theory. Provide a brief rationale for your choice of theory.
b. Describe the parent theory. Identify the key constructs and relational statements. Include a diagram of the parent theory.
c. Derive a theoretical model that can be used to guide your research. Clearly identify the conceptual, theoretical, and empirical levels of the model. Include the C-T-E diagram as a Table in your paper.
3. Describe your proposed theoretical model.
a. Identify and explain the key concepts in your model and provide conceptual definitions.
b. Identify and explain the relationships between your concepts.
Include a visual model (diagram) of your theory.
Using your theory as a guide, develop three possible quality clinical questions that you could answer from your conceptual model. Instructor stated: Continue to work on making links between the population, outcome of interest, and the phenomenon. Also, continue to think about what types of clinical questions could be answered with this information.
Write clearly and succinctly. Pay particular attention to integrating and critically evaluating the literature. Present your ideas logically. Use transitions. Include an introduction and summary. Adhere to APA style (7thedition), including heading and subheading structure, reference format, and table/figure format, titles, and placement.
Use subheadings. The total page length should be approximately
16 pages, excluding cover page with changes, references and appendices.

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