In this writing assignment, you will conduct an interview of a person from a culture different than your own, giving careful consideration to the concept of cultural humility.

Step 1 Choose a person to interview from a culture different than your own. Please consider choosing Asia, Hispanic, or Latin.

Step 2 Use your book or additional resources to research the cultural group’s health practices. Think of questions you want to ask.

Step 3 Conduct the interview (approximately 15-20 minutes). Be sure to gather information to address the areas in step 4.

Step 4 In a two-page, 500-word paper, addressed the following:
-With what culture does the person identify?
-How does this person define/perceive health and illness and how is this affected by his or her culture?
-Describe the person’s health maintenance, protection, and restoration traditions and how these have been influenced by culture.
-How has language and/or culture impacted:
Access to health care and Communication with health care professionals.

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