The Critique will be presented as a professional PowerPoint presentation posted online.  The presentation must include, and only include, the following:

Slide # Content
1 Title slide with author name
2 APA citation of article being reviewed
3- Statement of the problem Description of the problem statement.

Be sure to address all components on page 102 of your book

4 Significance to nursing
5- Hypotheses or research questions What is the research question/aim/purpose or hypothesis?
6- Framework Describe the theoretical or conceptual framework that guides the study
7- Research design Name it. Describe why this was the best design to use or why another one would be more appropriate. Describe comparisons being made within the study if appropriate.
8 Discuss design biases and threats to internal construct and external validity. How did they minimized these threats?
9-Population and sample Describe the population. What sampling design was used to obtain the sample? Was this the best design to use? Why or why not- think biases? Was the sample adequate? Describe how you know this.
10- Data Collection and Measurement Name the independent and dependent variables- define them.
11-12 What instruments or tools were used to measure these variables? Name and describe them. Were these tools the best ones to use?
13 Describe how do you know these were the best tools to use- think reliability and validity as evidence
14- Results What statistical tests did they use to examine the research questions etc.? Were these tests appropriate? Why?
15 Describe the results of the study. What findings were statistically significant?
16 What is the CLINICAL significance of this study?
17- Discussion Describe how findings were consistent or not with prior literature. Does the study present reasonable implications for nursing and/or research? Describe these implications
18- -Global issues What is your overall impression of the article? Provide strengths and weaknesses and support your answer
19- Summary Do the findings appear to be true? Do you have confidence in the results? How can nurses use information in the article to help their practice?


Remember, you will most likely paraphrase information from your article in this assignment. A few short quotes are acceptable- if properly cited- but please do not rely too heavily on quotes as this does not tell the instructor that you understand and are able to interpret the questions being asked, only that you know how to cut and paste.

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