An Annotated Bibliography is a way to collect sources and provide brief summaries for each entry. It is formatted much differently than a traditional essay, and has specific formatting expectations that must be followed. An Annotated Bibliography allows you to organize your research in a method that is beneficial when constructing your larger essay. It is also helpful when using multiple sources that cover various topics. This will be a resource that you can use both when prewriting for Writing Project 3 and when you write your actual essay.


The Components of an Annotated Bibliography:

There are different requirements for bibliographies depending on the assignment, the instructor, etc.; however, there are general similarities that exist. For this class, you will need to include the following information for each source.

  • Citation: Each annotation should begin with a formal citation in MLA format. This would mimic what would be included on a Works Cited page.
  • Summarize: Provide a brief summary of the piece. Included in this should be the general “big picture” takeaways from the readings and some relevant key points.
  • Assess: Review the bias, credibility, effectiveness, etc. of the piece. Was it effective? What made it a quality piece? What made it ineffective?
  • Reflect: Determine how this piece is beneficial to you and the piece you will be constructing. Where would it fit in your essay?

Although more information may be included, the above expectations are the minimum requirements that must be covered in all annotations.


Assignment Expectations:

  • MLA format
  • Minimum of 8 sources
  • Keep in mind that not all sources HAVE to be used in your Writing Project 3 Essay. This is an exploratory assignment. You are still learning about your topic and gathering a plethora of information to do so; this Bib is a reflection of that.

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