Research ProjectPlan



This exercise is designed to make you able to plan research project for the area of your interest.  (Formative assessment)                       

Title/Topic: Think of your research title and topic……after reading the question in the assignment.
Rationale/ Background: Write the basis or foundation for this research……….read given scenario in the assignment…..

150 words on the rationale and importance and significance of the topic; to you, to businesses, what problem its solves, what does it add.

Introduction and Literature review Introduce your topic….

Elaborate further on the rationale above. Commence a Literature review covering at least 5 well suited studies (journal articles), crticically analyse and debate those in relation to your research topic

700 Words At Least

Finish by research questions and hypotheses.

Aim of the research Write an aim of the research……, to address the research questions above

100 Words.

Objectives of the research



Set out a few objectives in order to reach your aim, mind the difference between Objectives and Aims (Theoretical and Empirical Questions)

150 words.

Research strategy:






What kind of research approach would you adopt?

Qualitative vs. quantitative…describe…..

250 Words


Primary/ Secondary Research How are you going to go about the research

250 words.

Sources of Data Outline secondary vs. primary data……sources…..

250 words.

Population and Sampling Determine population. What sampling method will you be using ……..discuss…..determine sample size….

100 words.

Data collection methods Questionnaire, interviews e.t.c…….which one….? Decide with justification…

100 words.

Time plan and resources required Your time plan….. start and finish date…. Resources needed..


References Books, journals, internet, newspaper etc……..lists



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