Introduce your chosen change management model/framework. Justify why you have chosen this as opposed to other models. Critically analyze the suitability to your change idea, with reference to literature and good change management theory. There should be some comparing and comparison as a start to analysis.
• Consider strategies (from your reading) that will overcome barriers to change and anticipate how you can follow through the model. Think about communication methods and you could link this to leadership styles if you wish?
• Discuss and define the impact on other people using the concept of coproduction and remembering that changing one part of the system will have a potential impact on another part of the healthcare system.
• Explain how the tools you would use to support your chosen change management report will help in implementation e.g. PDSA, 5 whys and fishbone.
• Justify and explain your leadership approach in relation to the relevant theory. Think about the styles of leadership and which will work or not work for the stage of the change.
• Discuss how change will be evaluated and how will you know that quality of care has been enhanced. This could include audit measures.

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