Assume the role of a healthcare financial management consultant (choose a place or hospital or insurance in state of New Jersey) for a healthcare organization striving to manage its costs more efficiently. In a five-page paper, address the following:
Complete an introductory discussion related to the importance of effectively managing costs of healthcare organizations in the context of reducing cost of care while improving quality of care.
Discuss various methods healthcare organizations may use to allocate costs. Make recommendations to your client on the cost-allocation method(s) appropriate for its operations.
Discuss how the cost-allocation method and and cost-assembling method you have recommended may help the organization identify wastes in resources and manage costs more efficiently.
Discuss how effective cost management may have far-reaching impact, such as on organizational bond ratings.
Your paper must also include a title page, abstract, and references; these are not included in the five-page count. . Your paper should be written following current APA style guidelines. Use up to date references Journal USA sources.

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