Assessment and feedbackSummative assessment grid

Type of Assessment Word Count or equivalent Threshold

(if Professional Body-PSRB applies)

Weighting Pass Mark Submission due-date & time Method of Submission & Date of Feedback
Written paper on Investment and trading strategies – General question 1500 words N/A 50% 50% Week 9 Via Turnitin;

15 working days after the assessment date

Verbal / Visual Presentation 20 Mins plus 10 Mins questions N/A 50% 50% Week 14 PPT Group Presentation;

15 working days after the assessment date

1.2 Assessment brief including criteria mapped to learning outcomes

Assessment 1 – Written assignment

Assignment brief:

The Financial Markets play an Important Role in any Democratic country. Discuss in order of importance to you what these roles are and why they are so important to a Democratic, free market based economy.

Pick out one type of financial instrument i.e. Futures, Options, FX [ Currency Markets] and discuss who are the primary participants in that market / arena and how those participants use that particular financial instrument and what they use it for.

You will submit a fully referenced paper (using Harvard Referencing)  of about 2000 words (+/- 10%) – footnotes and appendices are NOT included in the word count. Please remember that Wikipedia is not an appropriate referencing source.

Date of Submission – Week 9

Essential Reading

  • Kirkpatrick, C. D. and Dahlquist, J.R., 2015. Technical Analysis – The Complete Resource Guide for Financial Market Technicians. 2nd New Jersey: Pearson Education Inc.
  • Graham, B., 2003. The Intelligent Investor – The Definitive Book on Value Investing – A Book of Practical Counsel. Harper Collins.
  • Price, T., 2016. Investing Through the Looking Glass: A Rational Guide to Irrational Financial Markets. Hampshire: Harriman House Ltd.
  • ONE CHAPTER – New Market Wizzards – Part III: Futures-The Variety-Pack Market – Chapter on William Eckhardt


Recommended Reading

  • Faith, C., 2007. Way of the Turtle: The Secret Methods that Turned Ordinary People into Legendary Traders. New York: Mc-Graw Hill Publishing.

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