For essay 2, you will write an essay of at least 500 words and no more than 600 words in which you describe a place where you regularly purchase and consume food. Examples of locations include HEB, a convenience store, a restaurant (fast food or otherwise), an ACC campus, a farmers market, and so on. Your essay should be unified with a thesis statement, which should appear near the end of the introduction paragraph. In this case, the thesis does not need to convey an argument but should present a unifying theme about the space and its purpose.


In order to do well on this essay, you should:
Incorporate imagery and descriptive details to place the reader in the space.
Discuss the interplay between form/design and function/purpose of the space (example: the maze of the Whole Foods flagship or IKEA).
Describe the product(s) that you purchase and consume in that space.
Describe your observations of the space: Is it clean? Messy? Does it seem to be understaffed? Is it “user-friendly” (meaning signage and messaging are clear)? Is it warm and inviting or cold–or something else altogether?
Describe the demographics: Who else is in the space? Families with children? Or perhaps other college students? Elderly people? You get the idea.
Discuss other functions of the space. Does this space serve any other purpose, aside from being a restaurant/shop/cafe/coffee shop/bar? Is it a space to study, for instance?
Proofread carefully, eliminating all distracting errors.
Organize your ideas into coherent paragraphs and sentences.
Stay within the prescribed word count
Adhere to MLA Document Design guidelines
And finally, you may use first person pronouns here!

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