1. Explain broadly what official investigations into organized crime have told us. Then select one official investigation discussed in the book and explain what specifically it told us, and whether or not what was uncovered helped shape future investigations, and how.
  2. Discuss the basic qualifications for membership in an organized crime group. Include whether or not you agree with the basic qualifications and why, and if you’d change or eliminate any of them, and why, if you were in charge of one.
  3. In your opinion, explain whether or not you agree with the following statement: “Hollywood glamorizes organized crime to an extent that it attracts more young people and causes more violence that would exist without such focus.” Support your opinion with statistics, news stories, coverage of organized crime shows and movies, and other relevant facts/support. Also include your personal interest (or lack there of) in organized crime and how Hollywood has or has not contributed to it.
  4. Explain how organizational theory helps us understand the concept and function of organized crime.

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