Activity/ Task

You have been working for a small family-owned construction firm. Much of the work of this firm has been in private residential work, but under new management, there is a desire to begin to undertake larger scale non-domestic work for both the public and private sector and expand the company. In order for this change to be managed effectively, the company will need to change its structure. The management team recognises a relationship between the structure of the company and the relationships that they may form, through contracts, tendering and other activities.

You have been asked to prepare a report on the different options available to the company, in terms of company structure, and the benefits and/or challenges that the options present.

Your report should include the following:

Describe the construction industry with reference to company structures and other activities. To include historical development of the construction industry. Professional and other institutes, including societies. Links between professional, technical and skills professionals. Contractor and head office structure. Site structure and organisation. Types of contractual work tendered by companies.

Explain different types of construction companies in the market and their relationships within the tendering process. To include Professional relationships between companies. Contract tendering. Tender process.

Discuss the key stages in a construction project, and how Building Information Modelling informs the different stages. To include master programmes and contract planning techniques. The role of Building Information Modelling (BIM) on the construction. Modern procurement methods within construction. (Task-power point)

Analyse how the construction industry has developed suitable collaboration strategies in support of greater recognition of health & safety and produce a two sided three column leaflet suitable for use throughout the organisation. (Task-leaflet)

The contents, of the, leaflet will include: Key stakeholders in the construction process. BIM and collaboration. Health & safety within the construction industry: Pre-construction regulations and legislation and Site safety.

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