Write a minimum of 6-page to maximum of 10-page opinion essay in content (Cover or Title page & References or Work Cited page cannot count as content).

The paper should include the following:

An overview of the case:
Describe the conditions that led to merger with Renault
Identify and discuss the driving and resisting forces for change at Nissan in 1999
Describe were the cultural challenges Ghosn faced
Identify the steps taken by Ghosn to bring Nissan to profitability
Discuss the motivational and organizational behaviors that were fundamental to Nissan’s poor performance.
Identify and discuss Ghosn’s leadership style(s):
Describe leadership actions that were taken
Describe leadership theories that Ghosn embraced
Identify and discuss the source of Ghosn’s power:
Describe the sources of power he used
Discuss how his was power gained
Discuss how he utilized his power
Identify and describe the change management practices used
Identify and describe the mechanisms used to change the culture
As a result of analyzing this case, what new knowledge did you gain regarding organizational behavior and leadership practices necessary to implement change? (This question should be addressed in the summary/conclusion section of your paper.)

You are expected to use course readings, materials and other sources to assist in your analysis of the case. Be sure to provide attribution to those outside resources you use. Compose your response to these questions into a Microsoft Word document and upload your paper via Case Study in D2L.

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