Sample Term Paper Topics

The following is a short list of sample term paper research topics. Please be advised that these serve only as suggestions and are quite broad. You are to choose one and narrow down the topic to a specific research question.


  1. How does money supply influence inflation?
  2. The role of measures of money in prediction of business cycles.
  3. Discuss the benefits of a flexible exchange rate in the Canadian economy and in the Bank’s policy framework.
  4. Write an essay on e-money and its impact on the financial system.
  5. Analyze the role of monetary policy tools used to ensure financial stability.
  6. What role does international financial institutions, such as the IMF, play in international financial stability.
  7. What do countries benefit from in a monetary union? Base your essay on the case of European countries and the creation of the Euro.
  8. Show the role of e-banking in the financial system and the economy of country (pick one G7 country).
  9. How does globalization affect monetary policy?
  10. How does monetary policy impact the value of currencies?
  11. Discuss the 2007 global financial crisis, causes and effects in a G7 country. Use a monetary perspective (pick one country)
  12. Discuss the relationship between the money supply and the interest rate.
  13. How does monetary policy work? Discuss the performance of different transmission channels of monetary policy in Canada.
  14. Discuss the lemons problem and its effect on the efficient functioning of a financial market.

Term Paper Instructions:

Topics would reflect different aspects of Canadian central banking and monetary policy. Students will write an essay on a topic of their choice. The topics can be any one of the topics listed below. Having selected a research question you are to write a term paper which is to be 7 pages in length, size 12 font, Times New Roman and double-spaced. Your term paper must consist of the following:

(1) An introduction providing context to the reader and motivating your research question, you will also pose your research question in this section;

(2) An overview of the literature in which you discuss relevant research studies that have contributed to the literature;

(3) An answer to your research question using either data and corresponding analysis and/or using the evidence in the literature,

(4) A conclusion summarizing your contribution or answer to the question you posed. A list of references used in your research paper should be attached as the last page of the term paper.

(5) A minimum of 4 references from a credible source i.e: peer reviewed journal/article. APA format referencing. Additional references are encouraged but are not necessary.

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