Instructions​: Your Individual Final Paper has 4 components: 1) rationale for the health issue;
2) overview of theoretical constructs; 3) critique of the reviewed article; 4) Healthy People 2020 and
Interventions. The individual final paper should be approximately 10 pages, double spaced, using
12-point font, Times New Roman, with one inch margins. No quotes should be used while writing your
final paper. Paraphrase and summarize as necessary. Each component of the final paper is
outlined below:
Section Requirements: ​Rationale for the health issue – 2 pages (15 points)
O Provide a strong rationale for why public health should address this health issue or behavior
(include at least 5 references)
O Use epidemiological data or other statistical information on incidence and prevalence
O Discuss the consequences (e.g., physical, mental, economic), impact, and behavioral risk factors
related to the health issue or behavior.

O Identify the priority population from your article.
O Discuss why this health issue or behavior is of importance among this population
Overview of Theory – 2 pages (20 points)
O Provide a brief historical overview of the theory.
O Describe the theory and define its major constructs or components (Not in context of the article
solely the theory on its own)
O Be sure to cite proper references (i.e., the textbook!)
Critique of reviewed article – 3 pages (30 points)
O Provide a critique of your article. Your summary should include the following:
O A clear “stand-alone” description of the theory and DEFINITION of its major constructs
(NOT in context of the study).
O How the theory was applied/measured: A description of the operationalization and/orapplication of theory constructs within the study (i.e., provide specific examples in the program
or items on the surveys that described how the constructs were operationalized or what
activities were used)
O Brief results (were study aims achieved? Why/Why not?)
O Strengths & weaknesses of applying this theory. Consider: Other constructs the study could
have applied. Different operationalization of constructs. Do NOT focus on limitations of the study
design! Think about the theoretical application!
O Also include the appropriate article citation as a reference.
Healthy People 2020 & Interventions – 3 pages (25 points)
O Research the same health issue/behavior in Healthy People 2020.
O Identify a specific objective of HP2020 and discuss whether your article addresses this objective.
Be detailed and specific (include baseline & target values)

O Using CHInav, HP2020, Google, or other sources, discuss two (2) programs/interventions that
address this HP2020 objective & your health topic. (look for “independent” studies!)
O Be sure to cite your sources!
O Consider if you were to apply your theory to the two (2) above interventions: discuss how you might  apply or incorporate the theory constructs (a select few or all) to each intervention.
O Discuss the public health implications of applying this theory in each intervention/program
(what impact does this theory have on the overall health topic & population?)
Writing format (10 points)
O Paper includes headings reflecting required paper elements
O Paper follows the current edition APA style citations.
O Paper includes citations where appropriate and a reference list.
O Paper is free from errors of spelling, mechanics and grammar.

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