Spouse Abuse in America paper

The final project relates to an issue/concern that has a negative impact on society. Spouse Abuse!

Obtain at least two research articles on the topic and summarize the information in a 4 page paper. The articles must be 2016-2020. Not older than 2016

The paper needs to have the following information:

Introduction of the topic and presenters name – Kristin Wilson.

Describe the public health issue/concern.

Include: incidence and prevalence, cost, community burden, and tragedies.

Submit 2 pictures and 2 diagrams to enhance the delivery of the topic. (Everything must be cited properly with APA)

Discuss two interventions that have been implemented to improve a culture of health.

Discuss if the interventions have decreased the negative impact on society.

References and citations are needed.

Include, as a nurse leader how you can become involved to improve a “Culture of Health” across the Nation.


Include pictures, graphs, etc. to assist with explaining the information.

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