A Comparison of Male and Female Predictors of Retirement
Ever-Single Women: Informal Support and Life Course Events
Elder Care Issues Among Indigenous Peoples

Discrimination against the Aging Worker: Challenges and Solutions
Are the Baby Boomers Aging Better Than Earlier Generations?
Aging, Social Institutions, and Public Policy

Barriers and Facilitators of Utilization of Formal Services by Asian-Canadian Elderly
Age-friendly Programs Targeting Rural Elderly: Do They Work?
Contradiction and Inconsistencies in the Pension Debate
Proactivity and Environmental Adaptation
Sexuality and Institutionalization: What Does the Research Say?
The Social, Environmental, and Health Contexts of Aging
What are the Most Important Social and Social-Psychological Factors Affecting Physical Activity Participation among Older Adults?

Do Childlessness Elderly have Adequate Levels of Social Support?
What Are the Major Determinants of Workforce Aging?
Labelling Theory and Media Stereotypes of the Elderly: Their Effects and How Are They Changing?

Music Therapy and the Elderly: Does it Work, Why, and for Whom?
The Use of Psychoactive Drugs among the Elderly: The Role of Social Structures
Social Support and Well-Being among Widowed Elders: Can Social Support Buffer Stress?

Adjustment to Widowhood: Gender Dynamics
Women as Caregivers: “Women in the Middle”
Arthritis Self-Management Programs for Older Adults: Does it Work?
Social Explanations of Sexuality and Aging: The Role of Ageism
How Important Are Healthy Lifestyles for Aging?

Financial Elder Abuse in a New Age
Longevity and Quality of Life: Are They Synonymous?
Resilience and Aging: Why do Some People Bounce Back Better than Others?
Multimorbidity and Aging: What Does the New Research Say?

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