E-Supply Chain Management (ECOM402)

 Part 1: Critical Thinking

Number of Words for Each Answer: 150 to 200 Words

Critical Thinking

Background information:

The supply chain profession entered the year leading the digitalization of ecosystems, delivering the customer experience, managing trade uncertainty, and applying circular economy concepts.

Digital technologies have deeply changed the way societies exchange information and interact with each other Technological novelties have altered how people communicate and share information. Technology has driven enterprises to the next level by helping in many ways starting from automating repetitive activities, eliminating errors, and last but not least to help in decision making. The use of technology will surely bring down the challenges and issues, related to customer expectations, managing their suppliers, maintaining the quality standards, and access to supply chain data faced by Supply Chain leaders year-on-year.

The evolution of SCM is being driven by new information technologies, including Big Data, cloud computing, the Internet of Things (IoT), radio frequency identification (RFID), 3-D printing, robotics, global digital networks, artificial intelligence, and augmented reality. Global supply chain flows will become increasingly digital and integrated, and end-to-end data will be driven in real-time, exponentially increasing upstream information flows.” This new paradigm calls for a new management culture. We call this management culture “Supply Chain Management 4.0.”

This novel technology will affect the logistics, supply chains, manufacturing, and transportation industries. Therefore, the future of every industry will be open to innovation and technology. Every industry is going through a rapid transformation that appeared with the fourth industrial revolution.

As a Project manager what measures are you going to take for your organization under below mentioned critical questions:


Critical Question(s)

Ques-1-Looking ahead to 2022 and beyond, what does the future hold for the supply chain? (3- Marks)

Ques-2-Discuss the role of present technology and its Impact on the Leanness of E-Procurement Processes.   (3- Marks)

Ques-3-Examine and Outline the major issues being faced by supply chain managers and how it affects the companies they work for.  (3- Marks)

Ques-4- Discuss, Information technology offers many valuable capabilities to the enterprise, especially in E-Auction / Negotiation.  (3- Marks)

Ques-5-Analyse what are the future necessities in the field of SCM4.0 applied to sustainable supply chain management. (3- Marks)



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