*Choose a Fortune 500 company from this website: http://fortune.com/fortune500/
**Choose a Fortune 500 company from this website (Links to an external site.)

Use the five integrated stages to set a new effective strategy for the chosen company.

Develop a strategic vision that charts the company’s long-term direction.

Set objectives for measuring the company’s performance and tracking its progress.

Craft a strategy for advancing the company.

Implement and execute the chosen strategy efficiently and effectively.

Evaluate and analyze the external environment and the company’s internal situation and performance.

Post your thoughts and answers based on personal and/or professional experience, textbook and course materials, and academic research. Post should be a 300-word count minimum.

Attached are 2 peers’ posts. Critiquing the proposed strategies. Your post should be a critique including at least 1 strength and 1 weakness of the proposed new strategy. 100-word count minimum each.

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