Introduction to the Cognition Course Research Manuscript
Your task is to develop an integrated design for examining or investigating an issue or problem involving cognition as it might apply in a human-centric environment, model, simulation, work situation, or other application for use that would apply in an industry, research, or operational environment. The purpose of this design is to demonstrate that you comprehend, understand, and can integrate the key elements of the Learning Outcomes for this course. Learning Outcomes listed below. Hopefully, the topic will be inspired by some of the studies or issues that you have heard about or read about in this course. Although you will not be conducting the study or investigation that you propose, you will construct a research design in APA journal format (see the APA style 6th edition manual) that is 9-10 pages in length. Your introduction and background will explain the research statement or question and justify it by reference to previous research found in the scientific literature, and by logical argument. The method will describe data sources, participants (where applicable), variables, metrics, and procedures. The results should explain how you would analyze the data and the discussion should present possible outcomes and their applied implications.
Essentially, you would work toward constructing a design for an existing or emerging technology or situation, employing a human factors perspective on cognition that incorporates elements from each of the course learning objectives. An essential aspect of this design, and the manuscript you write to describe it, is citing relevant research that supports your approach and explains the rationale used. Be certain your manuscript integrates topics covered in the modules of this course and that you address all the course Learning Outcomes. This may involve only a few sentences for some of them, but each outcome must be addressed to some extent.
The Course Research Manuscript must be:
• Long enough to comprehensively cover the application and design you select. Generally, the body will be between 9 to 10 pages. • Appropriately and clearly support the study design and proposed research findings (including in-text citations and references).
In addition, the manuscript must include:
• A proper title page • An abstract • A conclusion • A reference page using a minimum of 8-10 references • Proper APA style throughout (6th edition) • A final submission in Word, Times New Roman font, 12-point size
• Learning Outcomes
• 1. Evaluate and appropriately employ the different risk assessment strategies both within and outside aviation and aerospace operations.

• 2. Evaluate and appropriately employ the different fundamental decision-making strategies both within and outside of aviation/aerospace operations.

• 3. Evaluate and appropriately employ the various types of human memory functions as they apply both within and outside of aviation and aerospace operations.
• 4. Evaluate and compare the differences between the various forms of knowledge in the mind and how that knowledge is organized and utilized.

• 5. Apply in an operational context, the principles and neuropsychology of human language, how language is applied in context, and how language impacts perception.

• 6. Evaluate and illustrate the difference between perception and understanding.

• 7. Construct a single model of how humans perceive the world around them by integrating the various components of human perception. Relate this model specifically to aviation and aerospace operations.

• 8. Evaluate and appropriately employ the different forms of human attention as they apply both within and outside of aviation and aerospace operations.

• 9. Critically analyze empirical literature and research papers in the area of human cognition, to enhance knowledge, skills and application abilities in the field.

• 10. Demonstrate appropriate selection and application of a research method and statistical analysis (where required), specific to the course subject matter.

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