Find and review an academic article from a cultural anthropology journal on a topic of your choice. Beyond summarizing the article, you need to provide a critical review of the content. Evaluate and determine how successful or not the author(s) was/were in clarifying and supporting their argument with evidence including how accurate their analysis was based on that data. Does the conclusion(s) the author(s) reaches logically flow from the evidence and is it appropriate in scope(does it over-generalize or not)? Include the appropriateness and reliability of the research methods in your critique as well as whether or not there is key evidence missing that could have reasonably been collected or concluded.
The article I chose was The Use of Indigenous Research Methods in a Marginalised Community: A Reflective Process in Conducting Research Among the Ju/’hoansi San People of Tsumkwe East in Namibia by Shuvai Chingwe and Jonathan Makuwira
If you cannot find this article, you may choose another one BUT it has to be from a scholarly journal that covers cultural anthropology.

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