NMY FRIENDS DIDN’T MAKE ME BAD” Kay Siang does not blame anyone for his turning to crime. He thinks it was fqted, just like his father being a drug addict. “Perhaps l’m meant to be a thief. ln this world, there are good and bad guys. Maybe I’m the bad guy.” “My mother kept telling me, ‘Like father, like son’,” he said, with a shrug.
“Those boys didn’t teach me to be bad. I was already a gone case when I met them. With them, I broke into flats and coffee shopd.” “They kept watch outside while I forced open the windows and ransacked the place for cigarettes and valuables.” ‘
Kay Siang dropped out of school in Primary 4. He said he was bored. “No use going to school. ljust fall asleep.” Kay Siang can’t read or write. He knows only the alphabet and can spell his name.
He said he took up smoking in kindergarten. “lt’s easy. I saw my mother smoking one day and followed,” he said.
Kay Siang said his mother “trusted” hirn “She didn’t mind me staying out for days even up to a week ” “With the boys, when we were not stealrng, we stayed overnight at the beach for barbecues and parties.” ‘My motherdidn’t seem to care. She’,.,,as too busy,, ,’,’ti ,’,,::< anC her boyfriend. (He liyss r,,,rllf thern i” ‘B.;t’,vhene’/e’s.e {o -‘a aJ: s:: 3 s-: :==-. -a =’.^=’ ,’, :- = ::: :he .’,e:e’ hose or a ,’,ccder’ a z-<
Question 1

Use Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) counseling approach for this case study. Explain the rationales for choosing this approach (one page).
Question 2

Evaluate four key counseling issues that client has presented in the case study and explain your evaluations (three pages).
Question 3

Explain the counseling process (from the beginning to the end) -you would use to manage the case. Include five counseling goals and five counseling interventions (six pages).
Question 4

Provide critique and analysis of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) that you have chosen in Ql. Include five limitations and five strengths of CBT(tw-o pages)”

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