1. How does the quality of child and adolescent experiences affect a person’s psychosocial well-being later in life?



  1. Evaluate the current way (s) of educating a) child and b) adolescent. Are there any changes you would like to propose? Support your answer.
    (I am an English teacher in Thailand teaching students age 12-16/17)
  • Strict rules but reasonable
  • More tolerant to students
  • More patient with students
  • Less homework, because it works the other way around (they won’t do it at home, just before or during the lesson)
  • Less (physical) punishment. When giving a punishment it should be a useful one.
  • More rewardings
  • Use of different techniques per class / age
  • Use of different approach per class / age
  • Make lessons more fun and enjoyable
  • Students should look forward to English lessons
  • Accept consequences if not following rules (cancel the ‘always pass’ policy)
  • Changes should come from two ways (Student-Teacher / Teacher-Student)
  • More youth related subjects (nowadays trends)
  • Students should more participate with own interests (subject request to teachers for next lessons)

Additional instructions:

  1. Use APA format
  2. Use Times New Roman, size 12, double-spaced.
  3. Use 10 academic papers and/or other interesting references to support your answer for each question.
  4. Write at least 500 words for each question. (2 pages each)

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