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Please Read and Answer the critical elements questions.

For this milestone, submit Sections A–D of the proposal portion of the final project (Part II).
Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:
II. Proposal
A. Goals: What are the goals of this initiative? How do they align with the organizational mission? And how do you plan to measure success? Be sure to consider the progress and pathway for data analytics projects of the type you chose to propose.
B. Data Analytics Life Cycle: Apply the data analytics life cycle to your proposed initiative, and walk your audience (management) through the life cycle as it applies to the initiative.
C. Value of Life Cycle: Based on your application of the life cycle to the initiative, analyze how the life cycle will help you infer predictability, performance, quality, and security of your initiative and its results.
D. Data: Evaluate the existing or desired data for its applicability to your proposed data analytics initiative. In other words, what are the benefits and limitations of the current data for the use you have in mind, including potential collection and security implications?
Guidelines for Submission: Milestone Two should be submitted as a formal report or presentation, as chosen in Module One. Make sure to address all of the critical elements in the prompt.

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