Need to go through all of learning material to do coursework, and look at previous coursework and it’s feedback.

Part 1: Language and literacy learning (around 1500 words)
Part 1 of the English Workbook is an assessed portfolio of evidence in which you demonstrate your learning and development, and the application of your subject knowledge in an educational context.

Complete Sections 1, 2 and 4 and selected elements of Section 3. Follow the instructions in the TMA 03 English Workbook to help you to decide the areas you will focus on.

The grading of Part 1 of your workbook will be a reflection of the research you carry out to improve and apply your English subject knowledge.

Part 1 of the English Workbook is worth 50% of your overall mark for TMA 03.

Part 2: A portrait of a child as a language user (1000 words)
Evaluate your focus child as a language user. Discuss how your subject knowledge enables you to understand and analyze how the child uses language in the situations observed.

This part of the assignment is based on your observations of a child as the child develops as a reader, writer, speaker and listener. Ideally you will be observing a child in an educational setting, but if this is not possible, use the Block 3 practice-setting audio/video materials. Drawing on the observations you made of your focus child and on your Block 3 learning, evaluate your focus child in ONE of the following areas:

the child’s oral language (speaking and listening)
the child as a reader
the child as a writer.
Although you are asked to focus on just one area of language use, you are free to comment on other areas (for example, if your focus is on writing you may wish to refer to a discussion the child has – with an adult or other child(ren) – which aids their planning or reflection). Further detailed guidance about writing Part 2 of TMA 03 is included in the English Workbook.

Part 2 is worth 50% of your overall mark for TMA 03.

Part 3: Academic language and learning checklist and Marking grid
Complete the Academic language and learning checklist in Part 3. Leave the unaltered Marking grid in your workbook. Your checklist and grid do not form part of the word count for TMA 03.

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