Purpose of this assessment
This assignment is designed to assess the learner’s knowledge of the principles of management and operations, enabling them to identify and use fundamental tools and concepts that incentivise leadership, managerial and operational improvements within organizations, in order to reap business benefits.


Task 1 Scenario
You are a student and as a part of course requirements, you have to produce a report, where you are required to analyse the business case of General Electric (GE). The purpose of the report is to differentiate between a role of a leader and the function of a manager, and to apply the role of a leader in different management contexts.

General Electric is one of the most prominent organizations in the USA and it was one of the 12 original companies to be registered as a public corporation. Throughout its 100 years of history, GE has gone through significant market, competitive and structural changes, and has been renowned for its strong culture of shaping leaders from within. Henry Lawrence Culp Jr. is the CEO of General Electric since 2018, and the first-outsider to run GE in history.

Task 1
This report should include the following sections:

1.       Examine specific situations in your business case, where various managerial skills and leadership qualities (or lack of them) were demonstrated by company’s top managers.  Your analysis should focus on the actions and achievements of Jack Welch, his successor – Jeff Immelt and the current GE CEO – Henry Lawrence Culp Jr.


2.      You should identify and analyze particular strengths and weaknesses of the respective leaders in various situations, link specific manager/leader’s actions to different theories and models of approach, including situational leadership, systems leadership, and contingency.

Critically analyze at least two of these theories.



Submission Format
The submission format is of a business report of 2,000 words (excluding table of contents, introduction and conclusion and appendices). You will not be penalized for exceeding this number.


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