Ensure this paper is written from a historical perspective by focusing on famous martyrdom accounts from each tradition of late Judaism and early Christianity. Specifically but not limited to St. Polycarp, Perpetua and Felicity from Christianity, as well as Eliza, Rabbi Akiba and Hannah Taradion of Judaism.

Begin by outlining the nature and theology of martyrdom in each tradition for the first 1-2 pages after introduction. Create a framework that sets up the context behind specific martyrdom accounts throughout the rest of the paper. Make clear connection to the influence of Roman culture, traditions and setting. Babylonian exhile influence.

Write about overlapping beliefs, understandings, practices and time periods of martyrdom between late Judaism and early Christianity. Elements of each religion influencing the other, flowing both directions. Explain historical developments as a results of close dialogue between the two emerging religions.

Wind down the paper by writing about the parting of ways between late Judaism and Christianity with special attention to martyrdom, can reference to far more modern times. Finish with overall conclusion.

Feel free to work with these ideas as you see fit, don’t feel too pressured by specifics I’ve mentioned but please use them as a guideline. This research paper is for a Christian History class entitled “From Jesus to Luther”. Also, another class I may use it for is entitled “Death and Afterlife in Catholic thought”. With this in mind it would be great to include ideas pertaining to what was thought to happen to Martyrs after they died. Afterlife beliefs in both traditions.

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