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Words count: 800 words.

Assignment Details:
For this assignment, you will use any data set with multiple variables that you can find and create 2 of the following charts using Excel, Tableau or any other data visualization tool with which you are comfortable.
Step 1: Find the data – You are free to use any numbers-based dataset you can access. The data could be found online (i.e., publicly available) or from your own personal or professional experiences. Some resources you can use to access free, publicly available data that can easily be downloaded include:
 https://www.data.gov/  https://fivethirtyeight.com/  https://opendata.socrata.com/  https://www.kaggle.com/datasets  https://data.worldbank.org/ Step 2: Create two data visualizations using two different dataviz tools – Find two tools that can create data visualizations. The tools could exist on the web or on your computer (e.g., commercially available software that you have installed on your PC). Produce a data visualization using each tool from the number-based data you found in Step 1.
The visualizations you create could include:
 Line chart  Bar chart  Histogram  Pie chart  Bubble
Experiment with the various visualization options of the tools you choose to use (e.g., graphic sizing, color change, labeling, etc.).
Step 3: Compare the tools in terms of capability – Explain how are the tools you used to generate your dataviz differ in their breadth of functionality, flexibility, and ability to produce
graphics. Provide your own opinion on the effectiveness of the visualization produced by the tool.
Step 4: Compare the tools in terms of ease of use – Compare the tools on their respective ease of use, exploring how quickly one can reasonably expect to learn the tool, how intuitive it is, and any special skills required for its use.
Please submit a write-up that includes (1) your comparison of the tools in terms of capability, (2) your comparison of the tools’ ease of use, and (3) the data visualizations you created. You can either create a table or write short paragraphs for these two questions while sharing your experience.

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