You are required to choose and write on two of these questions. The maximum combined length of the two essays is 3000 words.
1. Explain how history can help us understand the contemporary MENA region. Answer with reference to at least two weeks of the module.
2. Compare and contrast the importance of oral/aural and written forms of expression in the MENA region. How has their relative importance changed over time?
3. How has the experience of pilgrimage in the MENA region changed over time?
4. Assess how the importance of Sharia to the peoples of the MENA region has changed over time.
5. “The MENA region would not be what it is today without its minorities.” Discuss.
6. Explain how and why the status of Muslim women in the MENA region has changed over time.

key concepts and ideas
major questions or debates
examples or evidence — ideally that supports arguments related to these questions and debates
Where relevant include reference to historiography, i.e. ‘Author X argues Y’ about a given topic. Revise these notes to identify a small number of key analytical points that you could use in support of arguments in your discussion.

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