HRM3110 Compensating Human Resources.

Environmental Scanning Article Review Assignment Instructions.


The purpose of the Environmental Scanning Article Review Assignment is to help students synthesize their understanding of the HRM3110 course outcomes to the current, real-world, HR environment of business.


  • Research a current event article related to the assigned topic. Students should focus their research on relevant HR trade publications such as HR Magazine and Workforce Magazine.
    • Topics:
      • Module 1: Article Review 1 – Compensation Strategy
      • Module 3: Article Review 2 – Job Evaluation Methods
      • Module 5: Article Review 3 – Pay-for-Performance’s effect on Motivation
      • Module 7: Article Review 4 – Union Role in Wages and Salary
    • Prepare a two-three paragraph summary of the article.
    • Explain in an additional two-three paragraphs your understanding of the article as it relates to the assignment topic.
    • Explain in an additional one-two paragraphs whether you agree or disagree with the author and why.
    • Explain in the final one-two paragraphs how knowledge of this topic will help you in your future HR career.


The completed assignment must be prepared in APA format, including the title page, reference page, and in-text source citations. The Article Review will consist of 6-10 paragraphs of body – approximately 1000-1500 words total, not including title and reference pages.


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