For your Signature Assignment, write a literature review of the information regarding a topic in your business specialization of your choosing. Be sure to include the following in your submission:

A brief overview of the topic you chose that addresses the following:

Explain how your topic is a business trend and why you chose this topic.
Indicate how your topic relates to your business specialization and why further study is important.
Assess how your topic relates to ever-evolving technology and its use in business.
A literature review that addresses the following:

Explain the basis of seminal theories of research concerning this business trend and who created the theories.
Analyze the evolution of at least two theories and the business trend (scholar and practitioner).
Synthesize the current research regarding the business trend, including current theories and practices associated with the trend.
Summarize your findings regarding this business trend and determine whether this is a topic you would consider for your dissertation.

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