Religious traditions’ responses to the corona virus

  • Investigate three different religious traditions’ responses to the corona virus in 4-6 pages
  • Search through news articles, twitter feeds, Facebook pages, Instagram, YouTube, WhatsApp messages etc. to investigate how various religious groups are dealing with the corona virus and its consequences, including the travel ban, immigration, and limited social interaction.
  • Choose three different religious responses to describe and analyze
    • Make sure you include specific examples from each tradition you have chosen
    • Explain the logic behind these approaches – how is each religion explaining why these alternative forms of worship are equally effective?
    • Are they performing any specific rituals to combat the virus?
    • How is each tradition attempting to keep their religious community connected to each other?
  • After you have analyzed the three different religious approaches, conclude with your own thoughts about what these approaches tell us about the flexibility of religions to adapt and engage with modern technology like the internet.

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