You have scheduled a presentation meeting with the Board of Director of CraftSupplies. You have set the following topics in your presentation and advised the board that the presentation would not last more than 25 minutes during which you will:

  • Explain the role of marketing to an organization and what the relationship is between marketing strategy and corporate strategy.
  • Describe how a marketing strategy can lead to competitive advantages, and the type of competitive positioning an organization can adopt.
  • Explain how a marketing strategy is developed.
  • Discuss marketing’s role in the competitive positioning of the business.
  • Evaluate a range of marketing strategies that can contribute to organizations competitive advantage.
  • 1x prepared presentation
  • The presentation should come with an executive summary and be supported byPowerPoint
  • 1x PowerPoint slide presentation
  • 1x executive summary
  • 1x lecturer feedback form

Task 2 of 3 –Brochure (AC2.1, 2.2 & 2.3)


You must also put together a brochure detailing your services as a marketing firm. Your firm’s strongest point being market research, your brochure should have 3 sections:

  • 1 section covering how internal and external analysis can be used to decide on strategic options
  • 1 section covering the different approaches to internal environment analysis.
  • 1 section covering several approaches to external environment analysis.

Note, although the prices for each internal and external approach should not be included as it would need further discussion, you should make it clear in the brochure that different approaches will be priced at different levels.

Delivery and Submission
  • 1xbrochure

Task 3 of 3 – Individual Blog Entry (AC3.1 and 3.2)


In addition to your service, your company has its own blog and you have been asked to write an individual blog post. You should read the business section of newspaper and write a blog entry reviewing at least 3 strategic marketing decisions made at corporate level, weighing their pros and cons. You are also asked to evaluate approaches to competitive positioning of businesses. Finally, you should also reflect on how strategic marketing decisions influence marketing at lower levels within organizations.

Your blog reflection must be backed up by theory which must be appropriately referenced.

Delivery and Submission
  • 1x blogentry
Summative delivery and submission for all taskstogether
  • Collective assignment totalling 3000words

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