1. Create 1 task analysis from the following skill selections: Functional Academic Skill, Communication Skill, Interpersonal or Self-help Skill, based on measurable IEP Goals. Thus, a complex skill can be taught by using chaining.

2.Design a detailed task analysis (TA) that includes at least the following components:
Is aligned with the learning goal for which graduate candidate creates; making sure performance is measurable. For those candidates who have their own classroom, you may use a target student and use goals from his/her IEP.
Allows for specific feedback from the teacher to the learner
Measures the degree to which the learning goal has been achieved
Provides sufficient information upon which to design subsequent, appropriate instruction
Explain how the TA enables the learner to monitor his/her own learning progress.
Explain how the design of the TA can inform the levels or types of supports and challenge the learner might need for subsequent instruction.

3.List the instructional strategies and learning tasks you will use for each day of instruction (You should create a chart designed to reflect the skill being taught) chart should include: Graduate Candidate/Teacher name, Student learner name, goal/skill acquisition target, materials needed, recording Key, Criterion, Teaching Methods (Independently, Verbal/Physical Prompts, Physical Prompt (to be faded), hand-over-hand)

4.Written Analysis:
Explain how these strategies and learning tasks are sequenced to:
(a) Move your learner toward achievement of the learning goal you previously identified
(b) Build connections between your focus learner’s prior learning and experiences and what he/she will learn
(c) Provide appropriate levels of challenge and support associated with your focus learner’s strengths, needs and interests
(d) Move the focus learner toward generalized, maintained, and/or self-directed use of the knowledge or skills he/she will acquire.
Explain the way in which research from the textbook (theory and/or evidence-based strategies) informed your selection of the strategies and learning tasks you decided to use in creating your task analysis and how this TA will benefit your student learner.

USE THIS RESOURCE BOOK:Instruction of Students with Severe Disabilities (9th Edition)
Authors Fredda Brown, John McDonnel, Martha E. Snell

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