First, choose one subject area and identify and explain a problem that you have heard about within this topic. Then whatever topic you choose, you will need to outline the following:

• What is the problem?
• Why is this a public health problem?
• Explain those at a risk, both demographically, but also geographically. Be sure to be as specific as possible.
• You will be arguing in your paper why this is a public health issue and presenting any opposing viewpoints and why some would oppose the issue.
• Be sure that you describe the connections between the proposed problem and how public health could solve the problem.
• Apply knowledge that you have gained across all of your public health courses, including analyzing the problem, fully explaining the problem, utilizing theory and/or other models in used in public health, and developing a plan that is supported by scientific evidence.
Final Paper
The final paper needs to be formatted using the following guidelines:
• A total of 6-8 pages in length, double spaced, not including references
• APA style citations for both in-text citation and the reference section
• Font 12 Time New Roman
• 1-inch margins around the paper

TOPIC: Write about how an individuals Social life can impact their risk of developing dementia. More Specifically how loneliness and poor social interaction can increase their risk of developing dementia. Make sure to also use PUBLIC HEALTH THEORIES to explain a plan to fix this problem and improve on the prevalence of dementia.

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