1.Baseline Data Collection: candidates collect baseline data for the social behavior indentified for a minimum of one week with a minimum of five data points.
1a. The data should clearly indicate that the behavior, if left without intervention, will continue.
1b. In addition to recording data candidates will also keep a reflective journal of their experiences daily for a minimum of 5 days.
1c. Explain what the student is doing, the intensity of the behavior, your thoughts on how the proposed intervention will change the behavior or whether the behavior intervention should be modified.
2. Provide a defensible stability statement. Write a statement of stability (state how baseline data was collected and if the behavior was consistent). This shows that the targeted behavior is continuous. Data collected should be 40 minutes a day, for five days and should consist of the percentage of completion for each assignment.
3. Intervention Implementation. You will collect Intervention Data for a minimum of five data points. Implement intervention (continuing to plot data daily, refer back to graphs on how to chart your data when beginning the data collection with intervention implemented). In addition to recording your data candidates will also keep a reflective journal of your experience daily for a minimum of 5 days. Explain how your student is doing, changes or adjustments you have had to make, etc. Your reflections should demonstrate your thoughtful analysis of what you are doing each day.
4. There should be a line graph demonstrating the data collected in both baseline and intervention for the five days each.

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