Medical Billing Terminology

Complete Parts A and B of this worksheet.

Part A

Resource: Medical Insurance: A Revenue Cycle Process Approach (7th ed.)

Complete the following table by defining each term. Be clear and concise, use complete sentences, and define the terms in your own words.

Term Definition
Accounts receivable (AR)  
Accounts payable (AP)  
Electronic health record (EHR)  
Encounter form  
Health information exchange (HIE)  
Health information technology (HIT)  
Diagnosis code  
Explanation of benefits  
Personal health record (PHR)  
Practice management program (PMP)  
Protected health information (PHI)  
Remittance advice (RA)  
Revenue cycle management (RCM)  
NPI numbers  
Place of service codes  
Secondary insurance  
Birthday rule  
Primary insurance  


Part B

Write a 50- to 150-word response to the following question. Be clear and concise, use complete sentences, and explain your answers using specific examples.

  • Explain why, in terms of job performance and efficiency, knowing medical billing terms is critical for working in the health care field. Explain situations where encounter forms should be reviewed with the physician.

Cite any outside sources. For additional information on how to properly cite your sources, utilize the Reference and Citation Generator resource.


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