The paper must follow APA format and have a minimum of four to five references. Please include an introductory paragraph, and conclusion. Please complete a reference page at the end. All headers including the introductory title should be centered. Reference title should be centered and should NOT be in bold letters. Please include the following sections of the rubric in your paper and include a level 1 header for each section.

Introductory title (centered, no bold letters). The introductory title goes on Page 1.

Introduction or overview about the topic goes under the introductory title on Page 1. Tell the reader what will be discussed in the paper. Prepare the reader for what will be discussed.

Then follow and discuss the following areas:

Why You Chose the Topic (centered)

In this section, please share your rationale for choosing the topic. Why did you choose the topic? You can share your personal opinion about the topic here if you choose.

Current Relevance of Material (centered)

Here you will explain why the topic is important. You can include statistical information from the literature to provide support about the topic. You can also provide background information like an important legislative date if there was one that pertained to the topic. Basically share why the topic is important to nursing or health care.

Integration into Clinical Practice (centered)

Here you will discuss how the topic has impacted your personal clinical practice. If you do not have experience with the topic, you can still discuss how the topic has generally impacted clinical practice.

Use in Clinical Setting (centered)

Here you will discuss how the topic is utilized in the clinical setting. You can provide examples. You can discuss benefits and risks here, but keep it moving. Please keep the paper to six to eight pages total.

Lobbying (centered)

In this section, discuss why lobbying about your topic is important. How would you would lobby your legislators or local government for funds to support your issue or trend? You can also include what you learned from the Week 6 discussions as well. PLEASE do not leave off this section of the rubric.


Here you will summarize what you discussed in the paper and what you learned from the assignment. No APA references or new information goes here. Again, the conclusion should be a nice summary about the topic. A paragraph must have at least three sentences. Make it nice. Let me know what you learned from the assignment.

References (centered, not in bold letters).

This is the last page of the paper.

Include four to five references in APA format here.

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