Write a four-part topic proposal for your final research paper. To avoid deductions in points, your posting should include all of the following parts:
1. Topic justification: The first part of your proposal should include a paragraph identifying your main topic and discussing the professional perspectives you would like to research. Explain why you think this topic is important to understand more fully for each profession you expect to treat in the paper.

2. Focused research questions: In part (a), your choice of a topic implies an overarching research question: How do Profession A and Profession B view your topic? In this section, pose three more focused research questions that will help you answer that bigger question. After each question, write one sentence that explains your research plans for answering that question (see Goshen, Chapter 4). What types of sources to you expect to use and how will you locate them?

3. Working thesis and outline: The third part of your topic proposal is a high-level outline. Start by stating your working thesis, which should be a complete sentence making an original statement about your topic, based on research done so far. Under the thesis, provide a list of section headers you plan to use for different parts of the body of the paper. Finally, under each header, provide one sentence that says what you plan to do in the section; in other words, explain how it will help you demonstrate your thesis. Note: Assume you will adjust both the thesis and outline as you write your paper and learn more about your topic; the key aim at this point is just to find focus and structure for your first draft.

4. References list: The third part of the proposal should be an APA-style reference list including at least six sources, three for each of the professions you will treat in the paper. For each source, provide a full APA reference. (Feel free to reference these sources while writing part (a).)

Main Topic: Video Conferencing (ZOOM, for example) – As used by IT Professionals versus K-12 Teachers.
Key Points/Exploration for paper: 1.) how the current global pandemic has forced a majority of the employed population to work from home. 2.) K-12 teachers have little, if any, experience with video conferencing and instructing students remotely. 3.) IT professionals have the advantage of technical acumen, as well as likely having work-from-home experience. 4.) Explore the safety and security of using ZOOM (or other web conferencing applications), as it pertains to minor students, K-12 teachers, IT professionals, and company/corporate and school’s sensitive information, privacy. 5.) any other relevant or supporting research.
Profession (A): IT Professional (this is my career field)
Profession (B): K-12 Teacher

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