Consider your current organization that you are working for or the one you have worked for in the past. Suppose you are charged with a systems analysis project within your department and you decide to use the traditional methods of requirements gathering, in a 900 word (three page) APA paper (excluding title and reference pages), discuss:

What steps would you follow for requirements gathering?
Generally some of the problems with information systems analysis and design that arise later can be traced back to inadequate work during requirements determination phase. What steps would you take to avoid such issues?
Discuss how a joint application design (JAD) can be used to help determine system requirements? Is using JAD for this process beneficial? Discuss briefly.
In addition to the requirements above, your paper:

Must be 900 words (three pages) double-spaced and use 12 point font.
Must be formatted according to APA style.
Must reference one scholarly resource in addition to the textbook.
Must include a list of references written in APA format.

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