A two part question

1)Give an account of Ayn Rand’s case in favor of capitalism, laying out as clearly as you can the unfolding of her argument. Be sure to include the striking dualism that underlies her overall perspective and also to make explicit the consequences of her argument for the distribution of wealth in a capitalist society. What can be said in favor of her perspective? Why, in particular, does she claim that redistribution of wealth is “morally obscene”?

2)In the second half of the essay present a detailed and specific account of the critique of Rand that Marx might make of it were he still alive. Be as specific as you can, and don’t hesitate to develop multiple angles of that critique.

Citation style for foot or endnotes
Books: Author, Title (Place of Publication: publisher, date of
publication), p__

For additional citations from the same text, use only author’s name, the title, and pages
E.G Smith, Philosophical Musings, p.48
Cite from The “communist manifesto” , Karl Marx. Also from “Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal”, Ayn Rand

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