Research Paper #2


Describe the pathophysiology of alcohol abuse and addiction. Your answer should include, but is not necessarily limited to, the following elements:

– How alcohol affects the nervous system (in the short term, as well as after chronic, heavy drinking).

– How these effects are linked to behavior.

– The impact of alcohol abuse and addiction on physical and mental health.

– Biology-related risk factors (e.g., genetics, hormones)

– Biology-related individual differences in the etiology, presentation, or severity of alcohol abuse and addiction (e.g., sex, age, comorbidity). *No need to refer to all of these; 1-2 examples are enough.

– Main treatment approaches.

Remember: This is a paper in a Physiological Psychology course. Your writing should reflect solid knowledge in physiological psychology and the ability to link this knowledge to human behavior and clinical psychology.



Given the scope of the question, your answer cannot be based only on class material (slides, notes). You will need to use resources such as textbooks and scientific papers.

It is imperative that you apply the APA rules for citation and referencing, within-text and in your bibliography.

There are numerous guides available online. Here is an example: The complete guide:



  • Carefully follow the instructions and the prompts.
  • Write to the point; keep general statements to a minimum.
  • Be clear and specific; avoid ambiguous phrasing.
  • When referring to physiological or biological concepts (e.g., parts of the brain), link them to behavior.


Font Times New Roman 12 or larger Double spaced

1 inch margins on all 4 sides

Length: up to 3 pages of text

– Not including the bibliography and cover page.

– No need to write an abstract.

** These requirements will be strictly enforced.

No exceptions.

Technical requirements




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