Path to Success Paper

Each student will describe a way that they will be successful in their academics or future career. This assignment will enable student to develop a deeper understanding of themselves and potential barriers or roadblocks that exist for them.

Each student will submit a paper of at least 2 full pages in length.

**Each paper, upon submission, will show evidence of the student having used the Lonestar College CyFair Academic Success Center for proofreading and editing prior to completion. Use this link: or make an appointment to visit the Writing Center in person. Take pictures of Writing Center official stamp on your rough draft and editing notes from staff for proof, submitted to the appropriate D2L Dropbox OR submit the online editing notes from Writing Center staff email to the Dropbox.

Use the Smarter Measure results, your Time Analysis paper, the Mini-essays you have written, textbook, and any other outside source to support your thoughts in this paper.

The paper should be double spaced, with 12 point font and 1 inch margins. The paper will be written from a first-person standpoint and discuss 2-3 personal barriers concerning the author and methods to overcome these barriers. The paper should follow the outline below and clearly address the following:

  1. Introduction/Thesis
    1. Include the purpose of the paper as identifying a barrier
    2. Include a description of your identified barriers as addressed in the textbook. (This could be from any section of the textbook.)
    3. Identify at least two personal barriers to be addressed in the paper
    4. Tell the reader why these are significant barriers and that you are including a strategy that can or has helped you overcome these barriers.
  1. Body: What are your barriers?
    1. Give information that clearly tells the reader what the barriers are for you
    2. For each barrier, describe how you know this is a barrier for you. How might this be a roadblock for your academic or future career success?
  2. Body: What are your strategies?
  3. How can you overcome these barriers and move toward being successful?
  4. If you are currently addressing these barriers what are you doing to overcome them?
  5. Who can help you achieve overcoming each barrier? How can this person assist you?
  6. Conclusion: Summarize your barriers and your strategies.

Include at least 3 quoted references from the textbook and other sources to support your paper. Use at least one resource also cited on the citations page, besides the textbook. Use MLA format to cite the book on a citation page at the end of the paper.

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